About Me

I trained in Integrated Arts on completing study in Philosophy, Psychology and Drama.

I have been fortunate enough, during my career, to teach and explore across the world in countries as fascinating as they are diverse:

Egypt, The Czech Republic, Brunei, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, China,  Nepal, Malaysia and Morocco. The urge to explore and extend boundaries is strong within ValArt. At present I am continuing research at, The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art and will follow a period  of  study this year with Michael Fuchs in his studio in Klosterneuburg. This will be a continuing exploration through art with the firm intention to develop in technique and consolidate an emerging style. Art that does not continue to extend is no longer true to its inquiry based function.

ValArtStudio is to operate as a lenz through which I will communicate ValArt's exploration which hopes to reach others with the joy that comes from touching truth through art and its perceptions. 

At present I am building a portfolio and during the coming months will develop prints that can be viewed and purchased online via my website.

I hope my portfolio invites some interest and comment.